Not your average juggling film

I didn’t know what to expect other than a fun and chilled out film with jugglers. With the skills to caption the very best of juggling community today, Haavard and Lewis created this film with high quality. During the film we get to follow a juggling adventure through Norway and Europe, as these two professional hobby jugglers meet and hang out with a lot of different jugglers from around the world. The setup of the film is not the ordinary, with one section after the other, but rather based on a theatrical composition, without getting pushed or strained, since it is a mix of set scenes, behind the scenes and documentary.

The film won’t make you melt and want you to stop juggling like TBTB III did when it came out, rather the contrary. Since it’s containing a big collection of badass tricks in combination of sweet friendships and random juggling scenes, it brings you in to their moment and you feel as a part of the gang. This is unique for this film, it really brings you into that specific moment. The juggling is of very high standard, filmed with a high quality camera and in a sweet light that for sure brings a nice place for the juggling to really shine.

Lewis is bringing new body bounces, Haavard gives you the hottest balls, Eivind goes nuts on bringing six clubs out of the numbers category. Kristian Wanvik deliver some old school and new styled five club action. Julian Sæther rocks the high 7 ball patterns, Børre Isac L'orange fucks with the hardcore triangles. All done to remixed sampled hip hop and mixed up with awesome guest appearances.
The film is a mirror on todays juggling community, all done in a personal way and showing everyday juggling, which will get you enjoy and wonder where that hour went. Get it. Now!

-Emil Dahl
Not even in my dreams would I imagine some of the tricks in this movie, Corrections is so much more because of its, corrections!
The hour long film shows what its like to be a juggler, not a performer. It lovingly documents the art form and community that surrounds it from the perspective of two of the world’s current favourite jugglers. The childish humour and ‘spectacular’ acting break up juggling that’s so hard it barely fits on the screen. Although it might be the first juggling video to deserve a 15 age certificate!
Like an album of songs this video has everything from a quiet solo balled to a prog rock masterpiece, but it is best viewed in my opinion, without a break, at least the first time. With stellar juggling performances from the main cast, great cameos and unexpected humorous treats along the way, this one will inspire you to ring your mates and go JUGGLE!! Thanks so much for this gift to the community.

- Matthew Tiffany
Corrections is a movie made from the love, and for the fun of juggling!
It's full of extremely technical juggling tricks, mostly with balls and clubs.
But even if you're in to ring juggling you will not be disappointed,
the norwegian Power Rangers has something for everyone.
This is a movie everyone should watch!

- Peter Åberg
I just finished watching the video that Lewis and Haavard edited!!
Sorry guys that I tasted this juicy footage earlier than you. Honestly it was really great. As my apology, I’ll put sneak peek here only for you guys. Don't tell Lewis and Haavard!
The video includes contents below.

-Ambulance taking Julian to the hospital
-Time machine
-Hot Kristian Wanvik 
-Cheesy pasta
-Lewis Kennedy having a knife in hand and laughing like crazy
-Time machine
etc… (ex. awesome juggling by various jugglers)



- Naoya Aoki